Success Stories


Jeel Desai : GRE Score : 315 (Improvement – 30 Points)

Admission Offers: MS (Computer Science): Rochester Institute of Technology I thank ILM Prep, Kuwait for their highly professional and knowledgeable service that they provided to me for a personalized GRE coaching, not to mention their out of the way help in my admissions counselling for graduate studies in Computer Science in the US. I wish to extend my heartfelt and sincere thankfulness towards the highly proficient faculties at this distinguished institution for their encouragement and guidance.


Falgun Desai : Parent of GRE Student

When we approached ILM Prep, Kuwait for my Son’s GRE preparation and admission counselling services for his Master’s study in the US, we had already interacted with a lot of counselors and test prep providers. However, nobody could clarify the roadmap to US admissions the way the ILM Prep team did, starting from their GRE coaching to the counseling. We are extremely happy with the high quality and thoroughly professional service delivered by ILM. We wish to express our sincere gratitude and a BIG thank you to their entire team of dedicated, helpful teachers and expert counselors.


Maali S Al Ghareeb : GMAT Score : 420 (Improvement – 200 Points)

I had already taken the GMAT exam a few times but had not achieved my desired score. I took a course with ILM prep, almost decided that this will be my ‘last’ attempt at the difficult and incomprehensible GMAT exam. But after getting the score that I needed, I can satisfactorily say that ILM Prep, Kuwait is the No.1 place for GMAT course. Here I learned special strategies to answer questions faster and easily and even received personalized feedback on my practice test results.
It is an institute that truly cares for the benefit and learning of its students. Thank you ILM Prep for all your patience and your efforts.


Saurov Chatterjee : GMAT Score : 700 (Improvement 160 Points)

Admission offers: MIM: Kellogg School of Business, IE Spain ILM Prep has steered my career in the right direction. I can proudly confess that joining ILM prep for my GMAT coaching was the one of the wisest moves I made, since ILM Prep is the best GMAT training institute in Kuwait. ILM Prep has an excellent pool of mentors who work tirelessly to push your scores and give you the confidence to believe in your ability to achieve more. I am fortunate to have interacted with such a passionate group of people, who not only helped me get into a great college for my Master’s degree in Management but also guided me during every step of the tedious application process. I would recommend all my friends to join ILM Prep, be it for the GMAT or GRE or TOEFL exams or for college applications, because this is the place that provides you with the sure-shot key to achieve success in life. Thank you once again to ILM Prep for everything that you all have done for me. I hope you guys continue making a bright difference to the future of many others like me.


Alia Al Rashid : GRE Score 315 (Improvement 37 points)

The kind of service that ILM Prep provide is truly outstanding and exceptional as compared with others. As an American citizen who has studied for most part in Florida, I thought cracking the GRE would be a cakewalk for me. But when I took the test with some self-preparation, my scores were really low and I was disappointed at my performance. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I joined ILM Prep and I have taken classes for GRE coaching. Their approach to tutoring the GRE was unique- the way they helped me memorize hard vocabulary words and solve Math questions even without the aid of a calculator was nothing less than a groundbreaking experience for me. I improved my score by a massive 40 points. Thanks to the expert teachers at ILM Prep, their study materials are the best because they cover each topic of the exam very thoroughly. ILM Prep has a dedicated and professional team who guided me personally to overcome my test related anxieties and attain my true caliber. Lastly, their admission counselling team has helped me to get into one of my dream schools.


Saurabh Bannerjee : GMAT Score : 700 (Improvement 200 Points)

Admission offers: MBA: Indian School of Business, Cornell University, Wharton School of Business ILM Prep is an outstanding GMAT preparation Institute. ILM Prep has been very useful in providing me with the right strategies to understand tricky questions in the least possible time. Their classes are held in such a way that each student gets personal attention and also gets enough time to practice back home the concepts and tricks taught in class. The guides not only have deep knowledge of their respective subjects but also, more importantly, have a full understanding of what to expect and what not to expect on the test. Their counselors give detailed advice on activities that can enhance profile building. I would totally recommend the services of ILM prep to each and everybody with a dream to pursue higher studies.


Yousef Kowdan : New SAT Score Improvement : 340 points

Admission Offers: University of Washington, Virginia Tech, Pennsylvania State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology If you are one of those, who, like me, has had sleepless nights anxious about your SAT exam, thinking of how to crack the long reading passages and do the tricky Math calculations, then ILM Prep is the right place for you to join. As a student of ILM Prep, I could recommend you this institute without any hesitation. The teachers know the format and strategies of the exam inside out and they greatly helped me maximize my abilities by focusing on my weak areas.
But ILM Prep’s help did not just stop at my good SAT score, ILM Prep also has an admissions counseling service, which has greatly impacted my college applications by acting as a catalyst to smoothen out the otherwise lengthy, (and sometimes frustrating) university application process. The admission counselors, based on their years of experience and expansive data, narrow down universities that go best with your credentials as a student, keeping in mind your various requirements as an individual. As an IB student who is already struggling with a huge school study workload and juggling extracurricular activities, the ILM Prep counseling service made my application process much easier. With their essays and efforts, I have got admission offers from University of Washington and Virginia Tech. Thank You ILM Prep for being there as my guiding light in what has been a fascinating senior year in high school.


Fahad Al Wogyan : New SAT Score Improvement : 460 points

Admission Offers; University of San Diego, Loyola Marymount University Excellent instruction provided in a very hospitable and intellectual, and at the same time, fun and interesting environment. I would highly recommend ILM Prep for SAT/IELTS coaching; with their exhaustive practice through hundreds of questions of varying levels of difficulty that are adjusted according to the level and score requirements of the student, each student gets lots of practice to familiarize with and crack questions similar to those that come on the real test.


Shonaq Gupta : Old SAT Score Improvement : 880 points GMAT Score – 690 (Improvement 190)

Admission offers: BS in Business – Pennsylvania State University, USA MS in Finance – University of Toronto, Canada ILM Prep has been very crucial on the path of my admission and test preparation. I have personally used their services for SAT, GMAT & IELTS tutoring and it helped me boost my score substantially. They teach the precise concepts that are needed to understand the test questions and their materials, along with highly simulated practice tests, are reflective of the latest patterns and question types covered on the exams. The counsellors are highly experienced and know every detail about the process. They not only help you select the best colleges according to your overall profile, but even give concrete advise on how to build your profile to make it competitive with thousands of other talented international applicants. As they had informed me initially, ILM Prep has truly been a one stop solution to all my admission needs right out of school till I complete my education graph with an MBA. I highly recommend it to each and every one. ILM Prep is like a caring and dependable family that facilitates your multi -dimensional growth.


Nadine Shublaq : New SAT Score Improvement : 100 points

Admission Offers: University of California – San Diego, University of California – Santa Barbara, University of California – Irvine, AUB – Lebanon, Kings’ College, UCL, IE Spain, I would like to thank ILM Prep for proving to be so helpful and beneficial in my college application process! Their faculty is all very compassionate, dedicated, experienced, and talented and they provided me with numerous tips and techniques to boost my SAT score by helping me answer questions quicker and minimizing my careless mistakes. With their encouraging and comprehensive teaching, my SAT score was ultimately boosted by about 100 points, which in turn laid the foundation for me to apply to UC League colleges. Furthermore, their writers have worked so diligently and invested so much time and effort to enhance my college essays and ensure that all my essays are the best they can be, after multiple revisions, drafts and redrafts! Thanks to their efforts, I have made it to UC San Diego, King’s College, London, among other universities. I would really like to recommend them to any high school student who needs help in standardized and aptitude tests, as well as in college applications.


Syedali Ghaziasgar : GMAT Score : 680 (Improvement 70 Points)

Admission Offers: MS (Finance) McGill University, Toronto, University of Washington, US
Being a high honors student in Kuwait University, with a major in finance, I was pretty confident of the Math portion of the GMAT. It was the English, however, which made me anxious. That is when I decided to join the GMAT course at ILM Prep. I benefited from the GMAT preparation course and Admission Counseling Services. My weakness in the verbal section was significantly improved through lessons and key points taught by my Verbal Instructor. I scored 37 (83 percentile) in the verbal section and I am happy with my total score of 680. ILM Prep’s Admission Counseling Service is also very helpful to shortlist universities according to the requirements of one’s profile, academic and professional background and financial needs. The ILM prep writers have enhanced the quality of my essays through insightful comments and great feedback, catering specifically to what each university wants to see in the drafts. Finally, when I got an interview call, the mock interview sessions have allowed me greatly to master the interview preparation and I could face the real interview with a lot more conviction. At the end of it, I have received admissions offers from McGill University and University of Washington. Thank You ILM Prep for standing by me during my goal to pursue higher studies and making the admissions process a lot simpler and efficacious.


Salem Al Sanousi : GRE Score : 318 (Improvement 18 Points)

I have approached ILM Prep for assistance in the verbal section of the GRE aptitude exam. They have been a great help in giving me excellent practice exercises and lucid explanations for my mistakes. In addition to making me solve questions, the teacher would often observe my thought process when I solve questions, to ensure that I was thinking on the right track, which eventually improved the way I approach the exam. Moreover, I used their SOP service which was and still is value added. The entire team at ILM Prep is very amicable and they genuinely care about their students and their improvement. I would highly recommend them for anyone going through graduate applications.


Ahmed Al Banwan : New SAT score improvement : 400 points

Admission Offers: University of San Diego, Loyola Marymount University, Calpoly One of the most beneficial test preparation programs in entire Kuwait that will certainly help you enhance your SAT and IELTS test scores. However, that is just the first step in quality service delivery and ILM Prep truly believes in exceeding their own high benchmarks! Thus, compared to test prep help, you can expect to get an even bigger help when you’ll apply to universities. The mentors are so kind and patient with you, paying mindful attention to your hectic school and tuition schedules. With ILM Prep, you don’t have to worry about anything as far as college process is concerned. I am thankful to my cousins who recommended me to ILM Prep and now I am doing the same, recommending my close friends to join ILM Prep.


Aline Abu Shaar : New SAT Score Improvement : 180 points

When I joined ILM prep for my December SAT with just two weeks left in hand, I was quite nervous of my exam. But at ILM Prep, it turned out to be the best preparation! I gained so much in confidence and enthusiasm from these wonderful bunch of people who helped me increase my score. I was nothing short of thrilled with my result! I don’t think without ILM, I could do any better within such limited time. Thank you so much for your guidance, motivation and support.


Lulwa Al Ghanim: New SAT Score Improvement: 360 points

Meeting with ILM Prep eased my college admissions process. Their faculty are excellent and they have left no stone unturned to help me get into my dream college where I always wanted to be, by enabling me to score a great SAT score. In addition, their expert counselors also helped me shortlist universities, edit my essays and recommendations. I would really like to recommend ILM Prep to my other friends, in fact probably to everyone who has a dream to go for higher studies abroad but are not sure how to get started because of lack of guidance. Once again I would really thank ILM Prep for making my career dreams come true and I do pray that they will keep providing their help and wisdom to other students like me!


Gokul Nair, MBA – Full Tuition Waiver with Graduate Assistantship, Purdue University, USA

It was in 2011 that I became interested in pursuing an MBA from USA. I was a typical Indian Engineer with about 5 years of work experience in a fortune 200 and a telecom start up. I wrote my GMAT and got a decent score. Now is where the confusion all began and there were these tons of questions that I had no clear answers to…what do schools really want to see in an essay, how do I build a solid application package, how do I get selected for a scholarship/assistantship etc..

This is when I met ILM team, a promising young professionals who clearly understood my dilemma. The team spent a couple of hours with me even before I had signed up to know me better. After that they told me to prepare a brief write up about my experiences and on why I would like to pursue an MBA degree. What followed was a series of discussions and meetings, which eventually led to a solid working relationship.

Each member in ILM team has a in-depth understanding of US school requirements and is extremely good at bringing out the best in you. Unlike some essay writers, the writers in ILM team always want you to write your own essays – They probe deeper and ask you all the right questions that makes you subconsciously refine your content and make it more appealing and sell-able. They are also really apt at balancing portfolio of schools – Reach schools, Good schools and Easy schools. Such a balanced portfolio will enable an individual succeed with a higher probability.

I received an admit in 2012 to Foster School of Business (Seattle), University of Virginia with an 80% scholarship and Purdue University with a full time Graduate Assistantship. I chose to join Purdue and I am right now a global manager in a leadership development program with Whirlpool Corporation, USA.

Through our interactions, I found great mentors, guides and more importantly some great friends in ILM team. I would highly recommend their services.

Ivy League Mentors - Testimonials


Mukesh Bansal, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, LA

ILM team has worked with me for my MS application. They did a wonderful job. They worked hard and provided valuable data which was very helpful during application process. Their team’s vast experience and expertise in the field save lot of my time and mistakes that i would have done without their support .Their ability to work systematically make things lot easier which is crucial for on time application submission. ILM team has counselors who are very soft spoken and very patient. They understand your point of view and work accordingly. They work with you tirelessly until you achieve your goal.
ILM Prep- Review


Mehak Gupta, Masters in Law (LLM), University of Cambridge, UK

ILM Team, this is to thank you for your support throughout my application process. My dream of studying at Cambridge University was fulfilled and I am extremely grateful to you for helping me achieving the same.

ILM Prep - Testimonials


Sarthak Manna, University of Michigan, USA

A huge thanks to the ILM team for helping me in my admission process. My counsellor was very well-versed with all that needed to be done. I was apprehensive about choosing the right universities given my specialized field of interest but the counsellors helped me narrow them down according to my profile. They were always available to answer all my questions through every step of the process and made the admissions process a breeze. I would recommend ILM to anyone who wants to pursue their studies abroad. Thanks a ton ILM!


Shonaq Gupta – Undergraduate, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

The ILM Admissions Counseling team, led by expert professionals in the field of college admissions,  went about the admissions process in a very objective and step by step manner. From shortlisting schools that matched best with my profile, drafting my essays and recommendations, preparing me for my interviews – all were achieved in a smooth way. Today, with the help of my counselor’s honest, practical and effective guidance, I am on the verge of completing my undergraduate program in Penn State, all thanks to my ILM Counselor and his expert mentoring. I would recommend ILM to anyone looking for college admissions.


Abhijeet Singh – Undergraduate, UIUC, UCLA

I had a very nice experience working with ILM Prep on my applications. My Counselor and his entire team  gave wonderful services which helped me realize my true potential.They helped me select the right universities according to my profile. The applications essays, SOP and LORs came out all nice and clean. My Counselor helped me rigorously for the admissions interviews as well. I have got admissions from many top universities with ILM’s expertise. The overall guidance was great. I would totally recommend ILM Prep.success stories - ilm


Geeticka Chauhan – Undergraduate,FIU (100% Scholarship)

When my parents introduced me to the counselor at ILM Prep, I was having lot of confusion and anxiety about the whole admissions process. It was my counselor who thoroughly explained and helped me for the entire application process in a very simple yet effective manner. I received 100% scholarship from the Florida International University. I would surely recommend ILM Prep because of their experience, practical approach and the transparent manner. Thank you once again to the whole ILM Team.
Geeticka Chauhan


Nitin Talreja – MBA, Clark University (70% SCholarship)

Thanks to the ILM team for providing all support and guidance when I required the most. The quality of service and the level of commitment from your end is way beyond my expectation. I greatly appreciate your painstaking effort in helping me Shortlist, write essays/SOPs, resume, LORs. I also want to thank you for your help in preparing me for the admission interviews. Once again thanks for all your great support and guidance.
Nitin Talreja


Abhishek Tayal – Masters, Columbia University

I have approached many other admissions counselling service providers for MS Actuarial Science but none of them could guide me properly. Then my friend recommended me to Ivy League Mentors. I was totally amazed by the knowledge of their counselor. Though I didn’t have a very high GRE score, today, I am in Columbia University, my Dream School. Wonderful Service! My counselor knows the admissions process inside out. Thanks a lot my counselor, mentor and writers for your help and Honest and True guidance! I have already asked my brother to take ILM’s admission counseling services for his MS in Automobile Engineering. I would strongly recommend Ivy League Mentors to others also!
abhishek tayal


Sumedha Arun – Masters, Columbia University

It was a pleasure to take ILM Prep’ services. Their dedicated and sincere team was always there to answer all my queries with a lot of patience and guide me through the entire application process in a very professional and expert manner. From shortlisting the right colleges, drafting my story in a convincing fashion to preparing me for the interview- the ILM team takes care of it all. It is largely due to their efforts that I have been able to make it to my dream College- Columbia University! ILM Prep is the right place for anyone looking to go for higher studies!


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