What Makes ILM Prep Unique ?

What do you look for when you decide upon an education institute? Comfortable classrooms? Spacious chairs? Big parking space? A Lively atmosphere? You will say, well all this is okay, but show me the REAL STUFF. We at ILM offer you all this but without compromising on the Most Important Things. Here are just some reasons why you should come to ILM for all your test preparation and admissions needs.

Best teachers:

Our teachers have the 3 E’s– They are educated, experienced and experts in the field of test preparation. With close to 10 years of experience in preparing about 50,000 students for exams such as GMAT, GRE, SAT and other tests, our teachers not only tell you exactly what is tested but also help you ace that material to get great scores on the test.

Comprehensive study material:

Our study materials are designed by test prep experts who are highly familiar with standardized test content and thus design questions based exactly on concepts that will be tested on the exams. They study the changing and evolving exam patterns very carefully and design questions to reflect the actual levels and patterns of the exams as closely as possible. Our huge question bank has questions categorized into different levels- from Fundamentals to Hardest- so that you can practice and master different stages of difficulty at your own pace of learning.

Customized online practice tests:

If you only need 450 on the GMAT to get into the university of your choice, then why would you spend your energy practicing 700 level tests? Likewise, if you are starting at a score 310 on the GRE, you would not want to waste your time solving tests that are limited to a 300 score range? That is why at ILM, we customize your practice tests according to your starting level and score requirements.

Small classrooms:

At ILM, small classes do not mean ‘small’ rooms cramped with many students. Small classes actually mean small groups where every single student gets special attention.

Most number of classroom instruction hours:

We can proudly say that in entire Kuwait, we provide the maximum number of classroom instruction hours across all test types because we understand that with your hectic schedule, you need to dedicate more number of hours to brush up old concepts and learn new techniques.

Review sessions:

We conduct specialized ‘Review Sessions’ to make sure that the concepts and strategies taught in class are revised timely so that they stay fresh in your head even after the classes are over.

Test feedback sessions and Topic-wise workshops:

We are the only test prep company in Kuwait that offers extra hours especially for review of practice tests and provide detailed feedback of your test performances so that you can learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them in your next practice tests. We also conduct workshops on Specific topics so that students can work upon the exact areas of their weakness.

Study library:

You have decided to dedicate your after work hours to your test prep today. And suddenly some household work springs up or a meeting is lined up or something or the other comes up. Frustrating, huh? We understand that studying at home or workplace can have its own distractions. But don’t worry. Now you can study at the peace and comfort of a study zone in our well managed library that is a repository of several reference books.

Profile evaluation by career experts:

At ILM’s Admission Counselling Services, before deciding upon the best colleges that suit your academic and professional requirements, our expert consultants thoroughly evaluate your profile on the basis of your current and past academic, extra-curricular and work achievements, and even suggest you practical and distinct ways of building a stronger and unique profile.

So if you are looking for a one stop study and career destination where Quality matches Quantity; where YOU are the First Priority, where YOUR SCORES matter the most; where YOUR Success is our pride, where getting YOU into a Great College is our goal, where giving YOU correct and true advise is our mission, then ILM is the place to be.