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Gokul Nair, MBA – Full Tuition Waiver with Graduate Assistantship, Purdue University, USA

It was in 2011 that I became interested in pursuing an MBA from USA. I was a typical Indian Engineer with about 5 years of work experience in a fortune 200 and a telecom start up. I wrote my GMAT and got a decent score. Now is where the confusion all began and there were these tons of questions that I had no clear answers to…what do schools really want to see in an essay, how do I build a solid application package, how do I get selected for a scholarship/assistantship etc..

This is when I met ILM team, a promising young professionals who clearly understood my dilemma. The team spent a couple of hours with me even before I had signed up to know me better. After that they told me to prepare a brief write up about my experiences and on why I would like to pursue an MBA degree. What followed was a series of discussions and meetings, which eventually led to a solid working relationship.

Each member in ILM team has a in-depth understanding of US school requirements and is extremely good at bringing out the best in you. Unlike some essay writers, the writers in ILM team always want you to write your own essays – They probe deeper and ask you all the right questions that makes you subconsciously refine your content and make it more appealing and sell-able. They are also really apt at balancing portfolio of schools – Reach schools, Good schools and Easy schools. Such a balanced portfolio will enable an individual succeed with a higher probability.

I received an admit in 2012 to Foster School of Business (Seattle), University of Virginia with an 80% scholarship and Purdue University with a full time Graduate Assistantship. I chose to join Purdue and I am right now a global manager in a leadership development program with Whirlpool Corporation, USA.

Through our interactions, I found great mentors, guides and more importantly some great friends in ILM team. I would highly recommend their services.

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Mukesh Bansal, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, LA

ILM team has worked with me for my MS application. They did a wonderful job. They worked hard and provided valuable data which was very helpful during application process. Their team’s vast experience and expertise in the field save lot of my time and mistakes that i would have done without their support .Their ability to work systematically make things lot easier which is crucial for on time application submission. ILM team has counselors who are very soft spoken and very patient. They understand your point of view and work accordingly. They work with you tirelessly until you achieve your goal.
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Mehak Gupta, Masters in Law (LLM), University of Cambridge, UK

ILM Team, this is to thank you for your support throughout my application process. My dream of studying at Cambridge University was fulfilled and I am extremely grateful to you for helping me achieving the same.

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Sarthak Manna, University of Michigan, USA

A huge thanks to the ILM team for helping me in my admission process. My counsellor was very well-versed with all that needed to be done. I was apprehensive about choosing the right universities given my specialized field of interest but the counsellors helped me narrow them down according to my profile. They were always available to answer all my questions through every step of the process and made the admissions process a breeze. I would recommend ILM to anyone who wants to pursue their studies abroad. Thanks a ton ILM!


Shonaq Gupta – Undergraduate, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

The ILM Admissions Counseling team, led by expert professionals in the field of college admissions,  went about the admissions process in a very objective and step by step manner. From shortlisting schools that matched best with my profile, drafting my essays and recommendations, preparing me for my interviews – all were achieved in a smooth way. Today, with the help of my counselor’s honest, practical and effective guidance, I am on the verge of completing my undergraduate program in Penn State, all thanks to my ILM Counselor and his expert mentoring. I would recommend ILM to anyone looking for college admissions.


Abhijeet Singh – Undergraduate, UIUC, UCLA

I had a very nice experience working with ILM Prep on my applications. My Counselor and his entire team  gave wonderful services which helped me realize my true potential.They helped me select the right universities according to my profile. The applications essays, SOP and LORs came out all nice and clean. My Counselor helped me rigorously for the admissions interviews as well. I have got admissions from many top universities with ILM’s expertise. The overall guidance was great. I would totally recommend ILM Prep.success stories - ilm


Geeticka Chauhan – Undergraduate,FIU (100% Scholarship)

When my parents introduced me to the counselor at ILM Prep, I was having lot of confusion and anxiety about the whole admissions process. It was my counselor who thoroughly explained and helped me for the entire application process in a very simple yet effective manner. I received 100% scholarship from the Florida International University. I would surely recommend ILM Prep because of their experience, practical approach and the transparent manner. Thank you once again to the whole ILM Team.
Geeticka Chauhan


Nitin Talreja – MBA, Clark University (70% SCholarship)

Thanks to the ILM team for providing all support and guidance when I required the most. The quality of service and the level of commitment from your end is way beyond my expectation. I greatly appreciate your painstaking effort in helping me Shortlist, write essays/SOPs, resume, LORs. I also want to thank you for your help in preparing me for the admission interviews. Once again thanks for all your great support and guidance.
Nitin Talreja


Abhishek Tayal – Masters, Columbia University

I have approached many other admissions counselling service providers for MS Actuarial Science but none of them could guide me properly. Then my friend recommended me to Ivy League Mentors. I was totally amazed by the knowledge of their counselor. Though I didn’t have a very high GRE score, today, I am in Columbia University, my Dream School. Wonderful Service! My counselor knows the admissions process inside out. Thanks a lot my counselor, mentor and writers for your help and Honest and True guidance! I have already asked my brother to take ILM’s admission counseling services for his MS in Automobile Engineering. I would strongly recommend Ivy League Mentors to others also!
abhishek tayal


Sumedha Arun – Masters, Columbia University

It was a pleasure to take ILM Prep’ services. Their dedicated and sincere team was always there to answer all my queries with a lot of patience and guide me through the entire application process in a very professional and expert manner. From shortlisting the right colleges, drafting my story in a convincing fashion to preparing me for the interview- the ILM team takes care of it all. It is largely due to their efforts that I have been able to make it to my dream College- Columbia University! ILM Prep is the right place for anyone looking to go for higher studies!


Ashish Yadav – MBA, Thunderbird Global School Of Mgmt. (50% Scholarship)

Let me start by extending a big thanks to the ILM Prep for their amazing efforts in building my career. Right from the first meeting, I believed the knowledge, conviction and confidence that my counselor had in his field. He helped me from planning my approach, strategizing the application process, preparing for the interview. Although, I didn’t get a great GMAT score but ILM helped me get admissions from a top school. I wish the ILM team good luck for their continued genuine efforts in making dreams of other students like me come true.


Gurinder Singh – MBA, Amsterdam Business School (70% Scholarship)

With 10+ years of exp., I was unsure of hiring a consultant to help me with my MBA application, but I came across Ivy League Mentors through one of my references and a short meeting with my counselor changed my perspective of attacking the application procedure.My counselor was always direct and honest to me. He has been courteous and ethical and has observed the highest standards of mentorship. ILM Prep truly is an exceptional resource, and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone. Thanks Once Again!


Pankil Modi – Masters, John Hopkins University

I contacted ILM Prep in late 2015 in order to consult them for my graduate studies. I had no idea on a specific course or institution. My Counselor suggested a very realistic list of potential universities and I got admissions from every university I had applied to. My Counselor also helped me prepare for the various university interviews and made sure I was comfortable/prepared for the interviews. Would definitely recommend ILM to anyone in need of assistance with their university application process.
Pankil Modi


Abhishek Chikara – MBA, UNC, Chapel Hill (100% Scholarship)

I came into contact with my Verbal Instructor at Ivy League Mentors after about few months of preparing for the GMAT on my own and with other instructors. Her approach to GMAT and especially to SC and RC was Math like- you apply the formula and get the result. Her expertise and commitment helped me achieve a 770 on GMAT, If you are looking for a vastly experienced, qualitative teacher who knows the test inside out and will help you ace the GMAT, ILM Prep is the place to be. Thanks for all your efforts in enabling me to exceed my potential.
Abhishek Chikara


Mayank Sharma – MBA, Carnegie Mellon University (25% Scholarship)

After preparing the Verbal section with the experienced and high quality faculty at Ivy League Mentors, I can go on praising their endlessly on their knowledge and expertise of the exam, her diligence, her way of teaching Sentence Correction like maths, and many other positive traits. Objectively, my instructor’s intervention speaks for itself, which manifests in my GMAT score from an earlier 640 (Q50 V26) to present 750 (Q50 V41).

My ILM Counselor’s great understanding of the entire admissions process is best exemplified by the fact that today, I got admissions with a scholarship from CMU. I can only recommend ILM with utmost confidence. It is a perfect solution for all your test preparation and admissions needs!



Kinshuk Sen – Under Graduate (UG), UC- LA, UIUC, USC

I approached ILM in 12th grade and it was very late to start with the application process. Though it was late, their team saw my case as a challenge. ILM team helped me do well in my SATs and helped me for the entire application process including the interview preparation. By the end of it, I had been accepted to most of the universities, and been offered a scholarship in a few as well! If I say I didn’t get to where I am today because of ILM, I’d be lying. ILM has a wonderful team with a master plan for everyone!


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