Planing to go to the Us or UK for your Summer Vacation Great Summer Vacation Where You Can Both Learn and have Fun.


Planning to go to the US or UK for your next summer vacation? Why not LEARN with the FUN? Yes. It is possible to have a great summer vacation where you can both learn and have fun. That is what the Summer Programs allow you to do. If you are in your high school junior or senior year, it is a great idea for you to join a Summer Program in a prestigious university in the US or UK. The program usually lasts for a month or two, with classes held 3 or 4 times during a week. Besides getting exposure to diverse courses that you are planning to study in future as part of your under graduation, ranging from Computer Science to Leadership, from Accountancy, Medicine to Strategic Planning, the Summer Program is also a great opportunity to build your networking with your dream college.

It allows you to know the admissions committee better and find out for yourself what kind of qualities are they exactly looking for in their potential applicants. Spending your vacation fruitfully not only improves your profile and gives you an edge over other applicants but also helps you get a glimpse of the thrill, excitement and learning that college life abroad has to offer!


  • Shortlisting colleges that suit your profile and interest.
  • Preparing for the relevant exams required by universities.
  • Assisting in University Applications.
  • Editing Essays, SOP, Recommendations.
  • Providing Visa Guidance.

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