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With the world virtually coming to a still point, students’ GMAT exam preparation has been jolted. Especially affected have been those who relied on test prep institutes for GMAT coaching classes, since onsite GMAT preparation classes have been forced to suspend their operations in light of the present turmoil. The situation in Kuwait is no different, as many of the offline GMAT classes in Kuwait have been suspended.

While there is no certainty as to when the onsite GMAT preparation classes would resume, a lot of GMAT aspirants are left worried about their GMAT Exam Preparation, not being sure how best they can approach their GMAT studies. However, please do not put your GMAT Preparation plans on hold indefinitely thinking that the future is uncertain.  Do understand that with less office pressure, hardly any time wasted in commuting, and almost no outdoor activities to enjoy, this is perhaps a great (though unexpected) time to focus on your GMAT exam preparation with almost undivided attention to your GMAT studies.

A lot of test takers are also confused about whether to prepare for the GMAT on their own or opt for online GMAT coaching courses. In fact, the decision whether to go online or not is a tricky one. There are a number of factors to consider while one makes his/her choice of online GMAT Test Preparation courses. 

While it is clear that in the present circumstances online GMAT coaching courses are your best bet to prepare for the GMAT, the decision to narrow down on the right online GMAT course is really important. In this article, we would talk about some very important considerations that would help you understand how you can determine the most effective online GMAT Test Preparation course for you.

  1. Live Instruction: Although physical movement is next to impossible in this circumstance, nothing can really substitute the experience of a live interaction between the teacher and student/s. And while we do not have the luxury of onsite classroom learning, the closest one can get to the experience of onsite training is through live online tutoring. Great technological advances have made it possible to have (almost) uninterrupted live sessions whose interface is as real as that in a classroom setting. In such online sessions, teachers can not only explain the concepts live but also, very importantly, interact with students virtually. Consequently, live online sessions enable students to clarify their doubts with the instructors and understand the concepts taught in a much more efficient manner. The teachers, too, can adjust the pace of their teaching based on how the students are grasping the concepts during the session.  All these advantages are missing in recorded tutorials, which cannot provide the ease of customized tutoring to students.

At ILM Prep, we offer highly efficient live online tutoring for GMAT/GRE/SAT preparation. Our instructors are very experienced, especially in helping students in the Kuwait region improve their test scores. Our customized online classroom platform offers you the flexibility to attend classes from the comfort of your home with unlimited opportunities to ask questions to your instructor or get your doubts cleared in a simplified way.

  • Ease of access: While deciding on online courses, it is also important to check that the online interface is very user-friendly, with sufficient technical and academic support provided to the student. For example, while doing practice questions at home, the student should be able to post his/her query to the instructor and get replies without having to wait till the next session. Similarly, students should be able to keep a track of their progress through online error logs and test review sheets.

ILM Prep offers round the clock support to students through live support as well as recorded videos that provide explanations to concepts and questions.

To attend a free online trial class or take a GMAT Practice test, drop an email to [email protected].

  • Customized study materials: A major drawback of a lot of online programs is that they follow the same study materials and same course module for students at different levels of learning and different target score. This happens because online tutorials assume general characteristics of test takers and work with those characteristics in mind. However, when you choose to join a test prep program, onsite or online, you need to make sure that the program is catering specifically to your pace of learning, your weaknesses, your schedule and your target score. Only then would you derive the maximum benefit from the course.

ILM Prep is a unique test prep company that designs customized online study materials for its   students after assessing their initial level through an online GMAT Practice Test, which is very similar to the real GMAT exam. The online materials are created especially to suit the learning needs of students in Kuwait, with access to over 16 practice tests that simulate the level and pattern of the real GMAT, 5000+ real GMAT practice questions covering all domains such as Sentence Correction, Critical reasoning, Reading Comprehensions, Problem-Solving and Data-Sufficiency, and the flexibility to choose from one-on-one tutoring and small group programs at your convenient time and schedule. 

  • Back up options: In case you happen to miss a live lesson, there should be provisions for making up lost content. This can be done with the help of recorded tutorials, which, though not a substitute for live learning, can definitely supplement students’ understanding of the concepts taught in live sessions. The availability of recorded lessons in addition to live tutoring is a bonus since students who have already attended a lesson can revise through recorded videos.
  • Flexibility: Many online tutorials have their own rigid schedules that are difficult for students to accommodate to. Make sure that the online program is flexible enough to match your timings and pace.

ILM Prep offers the most comprehensive online program for GMAT classes in Kuwait. For more details, visit our website: or write your queries to [email protected]