Important Steps for High School Students looking to pursue undergraduate studies from abroad

The world is battling with extraordinary circumstances, where future plans seem to be uncertain. A lot of you must have planned to go for your higher studies this fall but given the present situation, many must be wondering whether pursuing advanced studies right now is a viable option. The situation is particularly critical for high school students who are in their junior and senor years. The academic year has been deferred, standardized tests including the SAT and ACT have been canceled or postponed, and there is no confirmation on when the universities are going to resume their intake. Never was the process of college admissions more uncertain than in today’s times. And in such a scenario, the importance of expert college admissions consultants, who can understand, address and solve students’ anxieties about their future goals, is paramount. ILM Prep is a reputed institute that provides niche admissions counseling in Kuwait, whose mentors with their vast experience in placing students to top universities across the globe in various programs, can guide you in the right direction. Read on to know what you can do during the lock down to increase your chances of admission.

  • Improve your standardized test scores: Even though some universities have announced that they are exempting the SAT/ACT for this year, do remember that submitting your standardized test scores (and good ones at that) would always put you in an advantage compared to someone who does not submit his/her scores. And with SAT/ACT being postponed, and schools being shut, you have a lot of time to work on your standardized test prep. Remember, a good SAT score can compensate for low GPAs and prove your academic caliber to the university admissions team.

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  • Work on your profile: It is a misplaced notion that universities abroad are only concerned about grades while selecting applicants. Universities look for a holistic profile, implying that they need applicants who, besides being academically bright, also stand out in extra-curricular activities such as sports, dramatics, music etc. and also are socially responsible individuals who have done meaningful volunteer work. So, make sure your resume can boast of activities that show your versatility and leadership qualities. The lockdown could be a good opportunity to pursue some of your hobbies online, such as a debating workshop or guitar lessons.
  • Select the right counselor: A lot of people confuse career counselling with admissions counselling. While career counselors advise you on what career options are best suited to your interests and abilities, and what subjects you need to study to pursue the career of your choice, the role of an admissions counselor is very different. An admissions mentor would guide you about the roadmap to college admissions, what are universities looking for in a candidate, which universities are the best suited to your profile, which universities have the best program that you intend to pursue, what are your chances of admissions in your desired university, which locations are best for your career, how to answer your college essay prompts, how to make your profile stand out among thousands of other applicants, and so on. So instead of applying to universities merely based on their rankings given on the net, seek help from an admissions expert.

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