GMAT for admissions to top business schools

Graduate Management Admission Test is conducted for admissions to MBA and other graduate management courses in business schools all over the world. GMAT is accepted by business schools in more than 80 countries all over the world. GMAT is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council in 114 countries in the world. GMAT assesses the candidate’s skills in quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, integrated reasoning and verbal reasoning.

Syllabus :

A GMAT prep course must cover the following topics.

  1. Analytical writing The candidate needs to be able to answer questions related to a given passage. The topic of the passage can be anything. The structure of the answer and the writing style needs to be focused on.
  • Quantitative aptitude– This section covers Mathematics. Topics which must be prepared are elementary algebra, geometry, ratio proportions, arithmetic, permutation and combinations, exponents and roots, properties of integers and linear equations. Quantitative section of the test assesses the basic math skills and quantitative reasoning skills of the candidate.
  • Verbal skills– Various topics such as sentence correction, subject verb agreement, critical reasoning, reading unseen passages, parallelism, construction of sentences, etc. come under this section. Each and every topic must be covered to achieve necessary proficiency in verbal skills.


Students must know about the format of the test before starting
GMAT test preparation.

GMAT is a computer adaptive test. A total of 80 questions are asked in the test. The duration of the test is 3 hours 7 minutes. The questions are divided as follows.

  • 36 questions under Verbal Reasoning section. Time duration is 65 minutes.
  • 31 questions under quantitative reasoning section. Time duration is 62 minutes.
  • 12 questions under integrated reasoning section. Time allowed is 30 minutes.
  • 1 question under analytical writing assessment. Time duration is 30 minutes.


One can either do self GMAT test prep using online study materials and other tools or enroll in an institute offering GMAT coaching.

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