SAT Exam- Course and preparation

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. It is one of the two standardized admission tests for colleges in USA and Canada. SAT score is given about 50% weightage for admissions in universities in USA and Canada. Thus, a good score in SAT is very essential. SAT is conducted by College Board, a non-profit organization.


SAT tests the candidate’s skills in critical reading, writing and solving problems in Mathematics. The test aims to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to succeed in a course. The following topics need to be covered by anyone doing SAT exam preparation.

  • SAT ReadingReading section contains five passages with 10-12 questions from each passage. The topics of the passages are US or world literature, social sciences, science and US founding document. The candidate needs to find evidence in the passage, use context clue to find the meaning of a word and answer questions by interpreting information in the passage.
  • SAT Writing and Language- This section has 4 passages with 11 questions from each passage. The passages cover social studies, science, humanities and careers. The student needs to identify and correct grammar errors, analyse word choice and construct paragraphs and sentences and solve comprehension problems.
  • SAT Math- The SAT test prep courses for Math include Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math and Problem Solving and Data Analysis. Basic and Advanced algebra come under the first two sections. Problem solving and Data analysis includes ratio and proportions, experimental interpretation, graphs and scatterplots, etc. Geometry, Trigonometry and Complex numbers are extra topics which account for 10% of Math section. Calculator is not allowed for first 20 questions while it is allowed for the rest 38 questions.

SAT subject test is for candidates applying for a particular field such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, etc. This section has questions for the particular subject only.

How to prepare? SAT test prep can be done by enrolling in coaching institutes offering SAT exam preparation. Online classes are also available for SAT preparation.

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