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In the present times, getting into a good college is one of the greatest priorities for most of us. Gone are the days when people used to take their own sweet time to think about what they would do after finishing school. In today's competitive, technology-driven world, every child has a dream of getting into top colleges so that he/she can graduate with a degree that will catapult them to bigger advancements in the future.

The same is true if you are a recent college graduate who is aiming for a Master's degree or if you are a working professional who is looking to switch careers or aspiring to go to the next level in your career by pursuing an MBA. A higher education degree from a top notch University is just what you may need to fulfil your career aspirations. But with thousands of merited students applying every year to colleges abroad in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Universities can select or reject applicants solely on the basis of their grades. Securing high grades in school or such competitive tests as the SAT or GRE or GMAT is certainly a big advantage, but it is by no means enough to guarantee admissions into a great college. Nowadays Universities not only look into the student's depth of knowledge but also demand a very active and outstanding profile that will be indicative of how a student might contribute to University's credentials in the future. Therefore, it has become critical to send in a powerful application backed with a strong profile, which will contain the applicant's professional, academic and personal achievements, which will help the admissions committee decide on your admissions chances.

The need of an admission counsellor

college admission counselling

Admission counselling does play a significant role in a student's life. As students or busy professionals, you may not have knowledge of the entire process that you need to go through and its timelines in order to get in a renowned University. Even if you are well researched about the Applications Process, you may not now what are the specific requirements of each univeristy that you are plannning to apply to. Students have a dream but they need guidance or a helping hand that will help them to shape up and realize their dreams. This is where an experienced admissions counsellor comes into the picture. ILMPREP, we have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who contribute to give a clear conception about the various fields of education and help to build an impressive profile so that the student can stand out of the crowd of the thousands of applicants and make a mark on the admissions committee. At ILM, we have expert counsellors who provide college admission counselling. Our skills, experience and expertise will certainly guide you to a better future.

Admission Counselling Special Services at ILMPREP

college admission consultants
  • Counseling and Mentoring from experienced college admission consultants who are well prepared to guide students as to how they can make a unique profile so that they are selecetd to be placed among the top universities around the world.
  • Profile evaluation, brainstorming sessions and psychometric tests to help discover and understand your academic interests and career choices.
  • Help students to select the right colleges and courses which matches bets with their profiles, while considering their career interests, financial necessities and academic inclination.
  • A committed team of essays editors who do not just make cosmetic changes to spelling and grammar while editing but also help you draft meaningful, convincing and cohesive essays and statements of purpose that clearly bring out your goals, visions and choices.
college admission consultants