When you Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) is the most popular test in International English for those whom English is a second language. It is a kind of universal test for all those who wish to study abroad for either undergraduate studies, graduate study or those desirous of doing their PhD. So, whether you have appeared for SAT, GRE, GMAT or PhD programs, it is mandatory to clear TOEFL, if you wish to study in the US. The idea behind conducting this test is to ensure that students who have opted to study abroad are proficient in comprehending what goes on in the class room. At ILM, we offer the best TOEFL Test Preparation in Kuwait. The test format is such that it measures a student's reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Why is TOEFL so popular world-wide?

The test means different things to different people. For over one million students and professionals of all ages, TOEFL scores are used to show their English Language proficiency. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that so far, over 25 million people have taken this test at some point in time. Over time, more than 8000 colleges and international institutions from across 130 countries accept its scores. Individuals use them to assess their own proficiency levels in English.

TOEFL Test Format
Section Name Number of Questions Duration (in Minutes)
Reading 30-40 54-72
Listening 28-38 41-57
Break N/A 10
Listening 40 60
Writing 2 Tasks 50
Speaking 4 Tasks 17
Total 80 + 6 Tasks (approx.) 205 (approx.)

Course Features

  • Live classes
  • Flexibility between Classroom/Online lessons
  • Small groups for individual attention
  • Customized course content
  • Highly effective teaching strategies

How does we help you prepare for TOEFL?

  • We have top-notch trainers who will hand-hold you through the entire process.
  • Develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, specially designed for IELTS.
  • IELTS Mock tests, IELTS online practice tests and IELTS listening practice test to achieve the desired band score.
  • Develop fluency in spoken English
  • Help you improve report writing, letter-writing and essay-writing skills
  • Work on grammar, pronunciation and sentence construction

ILM Prep TOEFL Preparation Course’s Classes Schedule

Classroom Training 30
10 Practice Tests 40
Test Feedback and Review Sessions for the Practice Tests 3
IELTS Training Program Total Hours 73

IELTS Course Preparation Options Available at ILM PREP

ILM Prep TOEFL Course Prep Options

TOEFL Live-Online
Small Group Tutoring
  • 30 hours of expert instruction from ILM Prep’s CELTA/TESL certified experienced faculty
  • 10 Practice tests that simulate the real exam
  • Specialized feedback on writing and speaking tasks
  • Not more than 8 students in a batch
  • Learn through TOEFL Official Study Materials, Books and Practice Papers
  • Learn from the comfort and safety of your home
TOEFL Live-Online
Private Tutoring
  • Customized one-on-one tutoring with ILM Prep’s CELTA/TESL certified experienced faculty
  • 10 Practice tests that simulate the real exam
  • Specialized feedback on each section, with special focus on your weak areas.
  • Course Duration can be customized depending upon your time and availability
  • Learn through TOEFL Official Study Materials, Books and Practice Papers
  • Learn from the comfort and safety of your home

What is the Test format?

For those who are unaware, there are two test formats, depending on the test center location. An Internet-based test, most centres offer this version, but where there is no internet access, one needs to take the paper-based test.

What is the duration of the test?

It is a four-and-a-half hour long test, and each section needs to be taken online. You must understand that the speaking and writing tests are integrated since you are given listening and reading tasks before you answer questions The total score is 120.

What does TOEFL Test?

Reading Section: This section comprises three or four reading passages. In each passage, you need to answer 12 to 14 questions. As far as the timeline is concerned, you have between 60 to 80 minutes to answer the questions. The reading passages are usually passages from introductory university-level books. The passages usually cover a variety of subjects and all the information you need to answer the questions are in the passage.
Listening Section: The first section comprises four to six lectures, each of three to five minutes duration. You will get 60 to 90 minutes to answer six questions from each lecture. This is followed by two to three conversations, each three minutes long. You will need to answer five questions per conversation and you will get 60 to 90 minutes to do so. It is important for you to know that you can take notes on listening material throughout the entire test.
Speaking Section: In this section, three to six certified human raters assess your recorded responses which are passed on to the ETS Scoring Network. The raters score on a scale of 0 to 4. You have six tasks and these are converted to a scale of 0 to 30. Please do well to remember that you need not sound like a natural English speaker. The raters are in effect listening to the effectiveness of your communication and how well you complete the task given to you.
Writing Section: Here, you are given two tasks; one being integrated writing and the other being independent writing. For the first section, you get 20 minutes to write your response after you read a short passage and listen to a short lecture. Next, you get 30 minutes to write an essay on a given topic.

How much does it cost and when do I get the result?

The TOEFL test fee in Kuwait is USD 250. You can also cancel or reschedule your exams three days in advance by paying USD 60. Your test results are posted online within two weeks of the test date. You need to login to your online TOEFL iBT account. Your scores are also sent to the universities you have applied to. Please note that your test scores are valid for a period of two years.